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Creative Solutions Space is an international strategic partner helping organisations meet their business objectives across the strategic, financial, operational and technological domains and to deliver results superior to the norm

CSS earns its living taking on the most challenging of problems – and solving them. We have the confidence and pedigree to back our advice and to work on a results oriented basis. We can help you solve your business problems, including –

  • System/Service design and delivery
  • Business performance improvement
  • Innovation and Idea Generation
  • Resource Augmentation

Creative Solutions Space’ staff and partners have a formidable range of skills honed over decades of real world experience to bring to bear on your behalf

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Creative Solutions Space offers a full range of technical support from product and service delivery to resource augmentation. Fully conversant with the product lifecycle from concept to disposal, we will help you bring agility to meeting your technology demands always with a keen focus on ensuring value for money through system life.

Let us help you fully harness the benefits of technology –

  • High performance computing
  • General purpose and embedded software
  • FPGA firmware (oneAPI, OpenCL, VHDL)
  • Hardware design
  • Financial algorithms
  • Telecom
  • Data analytics
  • Cyber security
  • Sonar and radar

Share your problem with us and we’ll help you understand the art of the possible and help you determine the optimum balance of capability, risk and cost to suit your objectives.


The CSS Leadership Team

Compute Grid Acceleration

Despite considerable optimisation, a major European investment bank was incurring significant costs running its compute grid and this situation was compounded both by an increasing throughput and increasing regulatory burden

Working in partnership with the bank, CSS was commissioned to help reduce grid costs. The introduction of Vectorisation to core components of the bank’s application software gave a doubling of performance in these core components and led to a reduction of 20% in overall grid utilisation and consequently cost

Costs were reduced in the short term and breathing room for growth was acquired in the interim. Subsequently CSS demonstrated far greater potential for cost reduction through its FPGA based technology

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Compute Grid Acceleration

Financial Derivatives Acceleration

A major bank was spending $Ms annually on IT resources to support the highly compute intensive task of financial derivatives valuation. This cost was set to increase with higher throughput and additional regulatory burden

FPGA High Performance Computing arrays were shown to improve performance by a factor of greater than 100. A combination of CSS’ SoftChip technology with industry leading tools allows performance to be accessed from a familiar C programming environment allowing rapid porting of existing products and development of new applications

Orders of magnitude reduction in size, latency, cost, power consumption and CO2 emission are available

Convolutional Neural


Convolutional Neural Networks have been successfully applied across a range of real world problems with excellent results, for example in image analysis and handwriting recognition. However, the deep learning that they offer is computationally expensive and time consuming

CSS is currently working on a hybrid approach minimising development times for bringing CNN implementations to FPGA realisation

The CNN algorithm naturally aligns with the inherent pipeline and parallelisation capabilities of modern hardware. CSS is bringing its SoftChip framework and hardware expertise to design a tuneable, hardware CNN that will reduce the training time and allow fast throughput of image classification in a real time system


The conflicting requirements of interoperability, ease of use and security have proved a perennial problem

Amongst other offers in this domain CSS provides FPGA based solutions, MATLAB/OpenCL (and/or VHDL) based design with automated code generation and accelerated by CSS SoftChip and third party components as required

Apparently bespoke requirements can be met cost effectively and with quick time to market. Automated test yields the required confidence in delivery, especially where formal system integrity requirements must be met, and provides low cost through life regression test


CSS SoftChip Technology

Development times for traditional FPGA designs can be long, costly and verification very time consuming

CSS has developed a unique SoftChip framework with robust and flexible interfaces. This allows the adoption of hybrid coding techniques and reuse of IP modules across a range of hardware platforms and with quick time to market

Development time of new systems can be drastically reduced by building on the heritage of core SoftChip modules and other third party components

Profit Margin


A Telecom company required to improve its profit performance and time to market for its products

The introduction of a blended strategy incorporating high margin and extendable product offerings based on the company’s extant skills and being compatible with the current customer base and routes to market was introduced. Tools providing for coherent and visible designs with automated code generation and test were used extensively

Reuse and time to market were significantly improved and a very material profit margin improvement was gained

Profit Margin


Bid Support

Bid Support

Many organisations find the resourcing of significant bids to be problematical particularly where key skills are required on a temporary basis

CSS has supported many bids, being able to provide the degree of innovation and flair required to produce compelling and winning proposals. With the aid of an extensive associate network and partner base CSS is also able to acquire precisely the right skills to meet particular needs

CSS provides first class skills, on demand and on a results oriented basis where appropriate

Project Support

Effective resourcing of projects is a perennial problem for organisations large and small, particularly where these projects call for first class technical skills

CSS has supported many projects and together with its associates and partners has access to an exceptional range of talent and expertise. CSS provides the skills you need, when you need them

The availability of first class skills, on demand and on a results oriented basis where appropriate

Project Support

Mathematical Modelling

Transitioning from an innovative new idea to a working system or simply evaluating the potential value in updating current systems are critical steps and can require a significant investment

CSS has a wealth of experience in mathematical modelling and determining underlying system characteristics and behaviour. This experience coupled with our ability to work as part of a team and get to the crux of the matter quickly enables us to help shape investment decisions and development programmes

Effective modelling brings a greater depth of understanding, enabling effective decision making and providing the evidence to justify confidence in investment

Verification and Validation

Ensuring that software and hardware systems are sufficiently and robustly tested is a difficult and expensive task.

Just as with any other component of the design lifecycle, the testing strategy requires flair and innovation. CSS brings this flair yielding rigorous, automated and repeatable results and reduced through life costs

CSS has approaches to import extensive test heritage for reliable deliveries, enabling us to be very efficient in delivery, reducing cost and time to market. CSS also provides its V&V service as an independent offering.

Verification and Validation

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